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Get the help you need for financial planning

With our partner firm of Garcia-Hasler Tax Group, LLC, Garcia-Hasler Tax Group, LLC offers accounting services that help individuals and businesses with a variety of tax needs in Athens. Accounting services at our firm span from filing accurate income tax forms that get maximum refunds to handling tax disputes and controversies.  Our firm has a solid reputation for providing creative and effective tax solutions. By engaging a firm that has decades of experience in tax law and accounting, you get the confidence in knowing every financial decision will stand up to the most pressing legal scrutiny.

Tax preparation

Tax preparation is a tedious task. Many people dread it or wait until the last minute to file.  By not giving your income taxes the attention they deserve, you may be missing out on deductions that could save you money or making errors that could cost you money. At the Garcia-Hasler Tax Group, LLC, we prepare more than 1,200 tax returns each year, from simple individual returns to complex corporate returns. Learn more about the benefits our tax attorneys and CPAs offer with our tax preparation services.

Tax planning

Whether you are a business owner with concerns about succession planning or an individual who wants to assemble a tailor-made retirement plan, you can rely on our tax attorneys and CPAs for comprehensive tax planning services. More than simply preparing a tax return, we find opportunities for you to save or make money you didn’t realize was available to you. Discover more about our tax planning solutions for individuals and businesses.

IRS tax controversies

We understand that tax law is complex, and controversies and audits are sometimes unavoidable. We know that an audit can be nerve-wracking and are ready with advice for what to do if you have been audited.  Our attorneys represent you should there be any issues with the Internal Revenue Service, including conferences and negotiations with IRS agents. Before you engage a tax authority, read more about our attorneys’ high-quality services for handling IRS tax controversies.

For tax needs in Athens, accountant services offered by our firm can help

Whether you are looking for help with taxation, estate planning, practice management, or accountant services, our full-service firm in Athens is here for you. We have experienced attorneys and CPAs who offer creative strategies and solutions for all your legal needs. Call Garcia-Hasler Tax Group, LLC at 706-521-0870 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.


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